Sourcing Services

All our manufacture sources are multipurpose and easy to reach. This allows us to manufacture products to high quality, quickly and flexibly while adhering to the latest safety requirements.

Our team of highly trained staff visit the factories daily to monitor all production going through.

We believe that small details can make the difference. Hard work, experience and efficient use of modern techniques and communication enable us to build strong relationships and successful product. Our knowledge and experience of production are used in order to achieve our customer’s goals.

Our professional approach is governed by a clear understanding of what the customer’s needsare, and a commitment to protecting their product development.

Through the above process our merchandising team makes sure of the following:

• Maintain and build very good communication network & reference with clients & factories.
• Help the factories in sourcing for raw materials and accessories for any placed order.
• Review and confirm the production plan with factory based on the client delivery dates.
• Provide the factory with all the technical assistance to make sure that he can meet all the buyer requirements.