Marketing & Export Promotion

Expertise in the areas of Marketing, Export Promotion and Public Relations, combined with the sensibility and knowledge of the Textile and apparel industries of Egypt and the world, provide an unbeaten formula to the success of marketing activities within this field. An important part of understanding the industry, is to actually be part of its internal workings, and as an export promoter of Egyptian Cotton Yarn, cotton and blended Fabrics and Apparel, Sahara Group is on the front line, experiencing first hand, with the industry, the issues, hardships and successes of the international markets as well as local bureaucracy.

One of the key projects of Sahara Group is the annual exhibition, Egytex Trade Fair dedicated to manufacturers of Yarns, Fabrics, Apparel, Home Textiles and Accessories. It has become the best meeting point for Egyptian & Foreign Textile manufacturers, importers and exporters.


Networking with

Sahara Group’s vision is the creation, and maintenance of a powerful portal comprising a search engine dedicated to Egypt’s Textile industry sectors, facilitating international as well as local business dealings (“networking”) though advanced and dynamic industry specific databases and services that help facilitate communication and information transfer.