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Sahara Group Public Free Zone

In order to complete the cycle of the supply chain management Sahara Group, since 2006, has launched its new project in the Private Free Zone in Nasr City, Cairo. Starting as a ready-to-ship warehouse has proved its efficiency in the means of delivery lead time by creating a sort of portfolio for each client from the articles or the products that are steadily demanded. Soon after,  we moved on performing in-house packing  for the apparel orders and subcontracting other factories for manufacturing in which cost, delivery and quality could be maintained and examined.

In 2012, Sahara Group launched the manufacturing project for sports wear. Other projects followed, such as medical and health care textile supplies for exports to France and bedding manufacturing for USA, Italy, France and Spain. 

Bedding Production Project:
It began with the need of the market for affordable, branded, well-designed, beautiful quality and exclusive dyed and printed bed sheets made of 100% Egyptian Cotton fabrics.

Having the benefits of manufacturing in the Free Zone, Sahara Group manufacturing facility exports to EU and USA markets without custom duties. 

What started as a range of essentials for the linen closet – flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers, has extended to luxury towels for bath, kitchen and beach.