In an increasingly more complex industrial world and faced to the fast evolution of the international markets, Sahara Group's International and local consultants network provides to its customers a decision-making aid, advises on industrialization, marketing, relocation and integration of processes.

Consultants to Ministries and to AID Programmes, Sahara Group have a competent and professional team of consultants, based both locally and internationally, to meet the most demanding of requirements. Representing Werner International in Egypt, Sahara Group has successfully upgraded numerous Egyptian factories operating in Home Textiles, Apparel and Fabrics manufacturing.


High productivity, low costs, reliable quality, and short process times are the goals of every manufacture.To achieve them, it requires continuous effort. Nothing remains static. The textile industry will always belabor intensive. The key to good operators and supervisors is their training and motivation.

Workers’ expectations are changing and it is getting more difficult to keep good employees. Because of this, manufacturers must develop more effective and imaginative programs to attract, train, and retain productive employees at every level within the organization. The competition for top talent increases daily.

At Sahara, in conjugation with North Carolina State University in USA and the International Textile Institute in UK, we have successfully developed training programs that make operators more productive and efficient, supervisors more effective in motivating and managing operators, managers and engineers more results oriented and with greater people skills and problem solving abilities.

Quality Assurance

The quality of any product or service and the management systems in place to assure it, are key elements in all-successful organizations. The development of a quality culture ensures that all individuals share a mutual responsibility for promoting business excellence.
The Quality of Egyptian Cotton is known the world over for its excellence. Such a reputation and such a stature should be assured, not only in the raw product but likewise throughout the process till the packaging and shipping of the yarn, fabric or ready-made garment.
Sahara promotes the education, training, qualification and professional development of those who regard quality as an essential aspect of their working life, and is a leading body for the advancement of quality practices.



An important part of understanding the industry,  is to actually be part of its internal workings, and as an exporter of Egyptian Cotton Yarn, cotton and blended Fabrics and Apparel, Sahara Group is on the front line, experiencing first hand, with the industry, the issues, hardships and successes of the international markets as well as local bureaucracy. 
Sahara Group has acquired expertise in textile production through its own continued research and development. All our manufacture sources are multipurpose and easy to reach. This allows us to manufacture products to high quality, quickly and flexibly while adhering to the latest safety requirements. Our team of highly trained staff visit the factories daily to monitor all production going through. We believe that small details can make the difference. Hard work, experience and efficient use of modern techniques and communication enable us to build strong relationships and successful product. Our knowledge and experience of production are used in order to achieve our customer's goals. Our professional approach is governed by a clear understanding of what the customer's needs are, and a commitment to protecting their product development.