Sahara Group is the leading Marketing & Consulting entity in the Textile Industry in Egypt. A multitask company operating in Egypt since 1995 with its fitting developing programs, by offering great instrumental opportunities in assisting the modernization of the Egyptian Textile Industry.  

Sahara Group, set within the backbone of the Egyptian Textile Industry, since its inception in 1995, is committed and determined to support and guide this sovereign industry to meet the challenges of the textile and clothing worldwide dynamic market. A joint stock company, Sahara Group has invested its time and efforts into a sector that has great potential within Egypt and in the world market, and it is because of this potential that Sahara Group is steadfast to its commitment.  

Sahara Group is comprised of a web of industry-specific professionals in the areas of Consultation, Training, Quality Assurance, Marketing and Export Promotion. In a united framework, the group represents a complete eye on the industry concerns and subsequently provide holistic and concrete business solutions. The professionals that represent the various corners of the Group are accredited in their abilities to develop and move the Industry mechanics on both micro and macro levels in order to help the Egyptian Textile and Apparel Industry compete head to head in the World Textile arena.